The Education Opportunity Fund is a unique approach to empowering parents and students with choice in education. We bring together leaders in education with investors to turn existing real estate properties into great schools, freeing up money for the classroom.

The Education Opportunity Fund believes that a quality facility can play a large part in ensuring a great school. The Fund provides capital for the purchase and redevelopment of quality facilities that can become the home for high-performing schools.  Each school has the ability to acquire the facility in the future, or to remain as a long-term tenant.

Education Opportunity Fund’s Plan

The Education Opportunity Fund brings real estate expertise and investment capital to public charter schools. We address the facility needs of schools in a cost-effective way to ensure more PPR dollars are spent in the classroom.

Here are some criteria we consider:

Shortage of quality public schools

Supportive leadership - supportive of charter school initiatives

Support maximum per pupil revenue to classroom

Supply of affordable land for development or buildings for adaptive re-use

Strong demographic and economic fundamentals

Successful and proven operators / administration

Sensitivity to sustainability

Significant downside protection to investment

The Education Opportunity Fund has a dedicated team of professionals whose wealth of experience is based in real estate investment, building management, credit assessment, public finance and school performance metrics.  This experience is put to work to benefit students, parents, teachers and schools.

The Education Opportunity Fund works with schools to take advantage of existing facilities that can be repurposed quickly and for far less cost than new construction. In the case where existing buildings cannot be found, the Fund will consider constructing new facilities.

What’s more, a school may start with one or two grade levels and grow over time. Using the approach of the Education Opportunity Fund, these schools can expand in the facility as planned. Parts of the building can be leased to other new schools to incubate growth.

In addition, 25% of The Fund's profits can be donated to the 501(c)(3), the Education Empowerment Fund.

The Education Empowerment Fund

The Education Empowerment Fund is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt entity funded through direct donor contributions and by the 25% of all profits from The Education Opportunity Fund. Through a Board of Directors, the Empowerment Fund provides grants to:

  • Scholarships: K-12, vocational and college (teaching degrees)
  • Innovation Awards: teacher and school bonuses
  • Teacher Development and Administration Training/Development
  • Entrepreneurial business development scholarships
  • Support for CMOs (Charter Management Organizations)

For additional information about the nonprofit Empowerment Fund, please contact Brian Watson directly via email: brian@northstarcp.com or phone: 303.893.9500.