A Message to School Leaders

You may be passionate about education, a visionary working to establish a new charter school or recreate a failing public school.

You may be a charter management organization with extensive experience in teaching and charter school management.

You may be a school district dedicated to providing the best public school education possible for the students in your county. 

We want to partner with you to bring our facility expertise to your team, helping you manage your facility investment and freeing up resources for your classrooms.

The Education Opportunity Fund stands ready to partner with you.

We can reduce the amount you spend for facilities so you can focus on delivering high quality education. We know real estate and are able to help make the building and facilities aspect of your work easier and more productive.

We work with schools to reduce the amount spent on facilities by assisting in:

  • Site selection and acquisition
  • Pre-development and due diligence
  • Design and build-out advice
  • Local and state government approvals / entitlement
  • Construction cost analysis
  • Assistance with facility financing
  • Occupancy and purchase options
  • Financing the facility and tenant finishes